Guest Speaker: Sharon BenMeir, Caregiver and Psychologist, and Sally Weber, Caregiver and Social Worker

Topic: Caregivers


Guest Speaker: Zane Averbach

Topic: Estate Planning

March Guest Speaker: Rabbi Ed Feinstein, cancer survivor and brilliant teacher.

Topic:  Patient and Caregiver – Living with Cancer
April Guest Speaker: Dr. Thomas B. Strouse, Medical Director of the Resnick Neuropsychiatric Hospital at UCLA and Professor of Clinical Psychiatry.

Topics:  Psychiatric Aspects of Cancer and Pain Management.
May Rescheduled General Meeting

Topic: We will break into two groups – one for caregivers and one for those with multiple myeloma. Both groups will be lead by top facilitators.
June Guest Speaker: Stephanie Fajuri

Topics: Accommodations in the workplace, SSI, SSDI, Medicare, Medicare, and more.

Guest Speaker: Susie Novis, President, and Dr. Brian Durie, Chairman of the International Myeloma Foundation.

Topic: “Ask Dr. Durie”

August Guest Speaker: Daniel Gross, Dermatologist.

Topic: skin cancer, skin care, and everything you should know about your skin.
September No Meeting
October Nurse Tina Maluso

Topic: "Taking the Best Care of You:  Exercise and Nutrition with Multiple Myeloma".
November Guest Speaker: Dr. Robert Vescio

Topic: "Stem Cell Transplants, Managing Bone Disease."
December Dr. Tina Kuus

Topic: "Freelite - A laboratory test that measures serum free light chains".